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What is a Pop-Up Space?

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Space Re-Imagined

You may be asking yourself “What is a Pop-Up Space?” Pop-up spaces are helping us re-imagine how we view and use commercial property. These properties have offered the market an alternative to the traditional use of commercial real estate. Pop-Up spaces can be described as temporary venues used in a short term capacity. Therefore the duration may vary from days, weeks, or months. As a result, this trend reinforces this era of fast paced business expectations. For that reason, pop-ups have challenged the traditional long term establishment and provides a short term opportunity that can be strategic in conducting business in a cost effective manner. Additionally, this booming industry is changing not only in the real estate world but how business is conducted. We at Pik N Pop believe this trend is just starting to involve.

This emerging market has grown into a $50 billion dollar global industry and we are beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. Pop-up Spaces are taking the form of retail stores, event spaces, showrooms, and even restaurants. This trend allows dreamers to expand their business in an imaginative way. As a result the traditional brick & mortar structure is no longer a practical method. One way businesses are using pop-ups is by using temporary spaces to test new markets, products, and create experiences and customer engagement in new areas. By allowing business to use new locations it illustrates a natural extension of the shared economy to test viable markets. Pop-ups are a solution that customers and business owners long for.

Pik n Pop allows its customers to find their Pop-Up space anywhere!

Above all, you can now answer the question “What is a Pop-Up space?”

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