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Get Creative: Pik a Pop-Up

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USD 0 to USD 20,000

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We at Pik N Pop believe a Pop-Up can take many forms. Its time to get creative: pik a pop-up! Spaces such as Kiosks, Private Storefront, Event Space and Shared Space are great for pop-ups. Furthermore here is a brief description of each one and the benefits associated:

  • Shared Space– a natural extension of the shared economy.  This provides a brick and mortar experience at a fraction of the cost. In contrast it helps utilize an under utilized asset. This provides office space, warehouse space, and retail space that is shared. Above all, in a time that requires creativity, this creative  solution is an opportunity to thrive in trying times.
  • Kiosks– are typically found within Big Box retailers and  high traffic shopping malls. Most noteworthy, it gives you, the operator, an opportunity to sample the brick and mortar experience. Above all, it gives you the opportunity to directly interact with your customer base.
  • Private Storefront– a space that allows the renter to have their own private brick and mortar experience. It gives the renters a chance to open a temporary store and create an experience that their customer base will remember. It provides a golden opportunity to gain exposure, increase engagement, and grow customer base.

Your Pop-Up space can come in the form of any of the spaces mentioned above. Each has it’s own benefits that can be brought to your space. As a result, renters will have the benefits of physical space with while avoiding the cost of long term rentals. Finally pop-ups allows our customers to create strategic partnerships, test new markets, and increase customer engagement.

Now you Get Creative: Pik a Pop-Up!

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