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About Us

The Pik N Pop Vision

Our vision is to connect businesses with commercial real estate. Pik N Pop’s digital platform will foster an alternative to traditional leases and promote short term rental agreements. This is the Pik N Pop Vision!

This advantage will open up the market to all small and online businesses. We view our service as the solution that gives your business a chance to not only survive, but grow and evolve in this ever changing world. Our online community will support this journey by being the key to connect our users with vacant pop-up space.

Your Space

The Pik N Pop Process

We understand that high costs are creating a high vacancy rate in the commercial real estate market. We want to help provide a return on investment by posting vacant space on our platform for short term rental opportunities.

Our Solution

We are the connection between businesses and commercial spaces. As a result, this will help property owners utilize their underutilized assets. In addition, Pik N Pop is the solution for a short term physical space without the conventional commercial cost.

Your Business

Financial obligations have SMBs struggling to keep their doors open. In turn, this severely limits businesses that can occupy physical spaces. Pik N Pop will offer short term leasing opportunities to all SMBs and online entities looking to occupy a physical space.

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Join the movement! Help us on the Pik N Pop vision and partner with us to expand your business within the pop-up industry. Tell us more about what you want to accomplish with your organization.